Scarborough (Yorkshire, UK) LGBT Safe Venue Project

Thank-you for all the responses to the LGBT Safe Space questionnaire, I've worked on your responses and here's what I suggest we do next. Please use the survey to let me know what you think, and ask your Scarborough LGBT friends to respond too.

If the proportion of LGBT people in the population is 1:50, then there are over 1,000 in Scarborough. I received 19 responses to the initial questionnaire, so there's a lot of outreach and community building to do.

It seems people mostly want to make new friends, feel part of a welcoming community and have some fun, often outdoors (garden parties, the beach, in the countryside). If we get to developing an actual venue what's wanted more than noise and alcohol is a really nice, modern, relaxed coffee place where you can just hang out.

Understandably of course there wasn't enough response to commit right now to a venue, so this needs to roll out in stages. We need to build a community and get to know one another and establish some of the basic structures of this presently non-existent organisation.

So I propose that we create a membership club with a full and varied programme of events.

We might hire a minibus and go to city prides, sports events, theatre shows and other LGBT venues.

(As an aside, I went to a poetry night at York Picturehouse last night where LGBT issues were very much at the forefront. Very few people there, but an absolutely incredible night.)

We could organise lunches and meals.

We might set up garden/house parties, barbecues, beach visits and country walks.

In order to reach the 'cafe' goal, I suggest we aim to run the club so that there is a financial surplus, so we are having fun but also saving up to create a venue.

So before we start thinking about 'how' I need to check: have I got that right? Would you support that? Do you want that? Would you join that club? Would you go to these events? What events are coming up that you would like to go to?

Here's where you tell me.

I recognise that there are already LGBT friendly and LGBT owned venues in Scarborough. I'm totally in support of those venues and seek to complement not compete, to support and to build the community for everyone's benefit. If you are involved in those venues, I would welcome your input as a friend and look forward to co-operating and co-ordinating with you.

This project won't succeed unless we have the support of the LGBT community, so please share this page with your LGBT friends here in Scarborough.

I am registered with the Information Commissioner and will keep your information safe, won't use it for anything other than this project, and I won't share it anywhere or anyhow, (John Allsopp)

Over to you:

Here's the survey. This one's not so bad, but do make an effort particularly when it asks for ideas, so you might need a few minutes and at least a cup of tea. Go for it.

If you would just like to hear news from this project as it occurs by email, here's where you subscribe. Your email address will never be shared or used for anything else, and every email will have an unsubscribe facility.

By the way, if you filled this out for the previous survey, I didn't get it due to my own stupidity, sorry (so let me know your email again and this time I'll get it).